Nirva 13

NIRVA 13, ergonomy and comfort all in one. Nirva 13 is a comfortable, ergonomic solution to practitioners' work.

  1. On a Nirva 13 seat, the eye height is 20 cm higher than on a conventional chair. The overhanging position of the working area makes it possible to work in direct vision of the maxillary, even when the practitioner is operating in the 12:00 o'clock position.
  2. The quite good opening between the cardio-pulmonary axis and the pelvis axis makes it possible to work with your shoulders lower and wit the forearms positioned horizontally when working in the mouth. Automatic blockage of the chair's rotation when giving care makes the practitioner hold his lumbar in the right position.
  3. The impression of comfort is magnified by the fact of not having to look for the foot control, since it is incorporated into the base of the Nirva 13.
    Access to the dentist's chair is encouraged by the position of the practitioner's legs, which are never blocked by the back of the dentist's chair.
    Pain-free and stress-free, the practitioner is taking care of the future of his own career and of the quality of approach in practice.

Nirva 13 it’s also:

  • Overlooking work in working area
  • Control in relaxed position
  • Better respiratory and cardiac rates
  • Work for hours without getting tired
  • Respect of lordosis and cyphosis in the vertebral column
  • Works abdominal muscles and not the back
  • Perfect approach to patient : legs at 45°
  • Large bearing surface for body : buttocks and knees
  • Built-in foot control

 NIRVA 13, for "all" practitioners NIRVA 13 - through its numerous settings and adjustments - easily adapts to all practitioners' morphologies, no matter how tall they are, what their body build, etc. … or what their temporary physiological condition.