The different instruments (6 at the maximum) are placed « heads up » on pneumatic suction supports and mounted on grey silicon. Beyond the multifunction syringe, turbines, air or electrical micro-motors with visual control of the speed, scalers, polymerising lamps are available.

On the upper part of the CART, a double tray for instruments favours the workstation ergonomy.

Decontamination system IGN-CALBENIUM: Hygiene is present everywhere in Pacific/PE8 Cart: it integrates the IGN-CALBENIUM decontamination system, universally recognized, which allows a sprays’ water treatment, avoiding thereby any post or crossed-contamination.

A single inoxidable metal controls all the instruments, instantaneously or progressively depending on their type.

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Cart PE8

The PE8® cart completes PE8® unit and adjust to practitioner work from 10:00 to 14:00.

  • Mobile thanks to its 4 wheels
  • adjustable height - inox superior tray
  • it can be provided with 4 instruments connected on silicone tubes
  • includes decontamination IGN system